Top 5 weird but fittingly named cocktails

By on May 31, 2013

The invention of alcohol in itself was EPIC but a revolution took place when the human kind realized the awesomeness in mixing alcohol with its own kind. When cocktails were introduced not only did they taste better but they looked amazing too. The most popular cocktails we know from the movies are Cosmopolitan, Vesper Martini and Chardonnay. We bring to you a list of cocktail names, although funny but are absolutely fitting.

1. AK47
Just like the assault rifle can stop anyone in its way; likewise this cocktail has enough quantity of alcohol to stop its drinker and get them completely sloshed. Made out of Vodka, Whiskey, Gin, Brandy, Rum, Cointreau, Bourbon, Soda Water and Lime; we’re sure this long list of the ingredients has done the trick.



2. Jackass
Jackass cocktail is supposed to leave you braying like a donkey. The ingredients of the drinks are Jack Daniels; High Proof Rum poured in a shot glass will give you a kick as soon as you gulp it down. It has high contents of alcohol and is difficult for the stomach to hold.



3. Jagernuke
This is a classic cocktail which is sold in humungous numbers every day. Glass of Jagermeister combined with red bull and dunked down before the fizz fades away will be as powerful as the nuke. Hence, the aptness in the name!



4. Gin and Tonic
The simplest cocktail is the Gin and Tonic. When you ask for this drink; it sounds like you are actually providing the recipe for it. The only addition there is the lemon wedge. With a no defined mixing ratio, it’s the easiest and absolutely appropriately named.



5. Battery Acid
Crafted out of everclear and blackcurrant juice, this drink will pertinently be hard for your stomach. Everclear is popular as the most alcoholic alcohol and once battery acid is lit on fire; it is sure to give a strong kick.


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