Top 5 Websites to Learn Code

By on March 8, 2013

1) Codecademy offers free coding classes in both programming and web development languages. This two year old company helps wannabe programmers learn Javascript, JQuery, CSS, HTML, Python and more. Codecademy is great because it is free runs on a well designed website that is updated frequently. The downside is that each course is made by volunteers so the quality can vary from lesson to lesson.



2) Code School believes the best way to learn code is not by a book, but through practice. The school divides its lessons into four coding paths: Ruby, Javascript, HTML/CSS and iOS.Earn badges, and if you do well, win prizes each time you take a Codeschool course. Codeschool has nice production value (fun jingles) on their site but only some of it is free and the interactive interface isn’t quite as nice as code academy yet but who can argue with zombie themed programming.



3) Udacity has a variety of free college level courses from chemistry to HTML5 game development. Courses are well structured and are accompanied by quality lectures. While it is not specifically dedicated to teaching code, it still offers a lot of high level courses on a variety of programming languages, development of computer programs and guides on how to debug software programs. Moreover, it addresses computer science concepts rather than just learning a programming language



4) Khan Academy is an online learning space for a variety of subjects and is not dedicated to teaching code. It offers exercises that let grade/high school students play with programming for the first time and more advanced students learn how to incorporate their math knowledge into programming. Khan’s programming courses include animation, interactive programming and a student friendly community.



5) Code Avengers is a more fun and youth orientated version of Codecademy. While it isn’t exclusively for kids, it does offer teaching support to parents & teachers alike. And just like a classroom setting, it doles out grades and bonus points for correct answers. It’s primary focus is on markup languages such as CSS, HTML & Javascript.


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  1. Eric

    April 8, 2014 at 7:11 am

    Great post, I used the 5 webs and they are great. But in my opinion there are better resources, like treehouse or lynda. So created a web where you can find the best resources to learn code online. The web is, maybe you find it useful to find more webs.

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