Top 5 Vacation Spots in the United States

By on May 14, 2013

One of the great things about the United States is the variety of holiday destinations. It has snow capped mountains, beautiful beaches, natural wonders, world class attractions and some of the best cities on the planet. There is no need to leave America to have a great vacation! Here are our top 5 US vacation spots.


1. New York

US - 1

New York is still the top destination. It attracts people like a magnet with its energy and variety of life. Time Square is the most amazing place in any city in the world. But there are other attractions in New York, like its endlessly burgeoning arts and cultural scene, its sumptuous shopping and great events (concerts, sporting events etc).


2. Yellowstone

US - 2

You could spend a lifetime in Yellowstone and still not experience everything it has to offer. It is a haven for lovers of nature and the outdoors, but it has something for everyone. This includes the beautifully rugged scenery, the geysers, the bubbling springs and multicolored pools, and the animals.


3. San Francisco

US - 3

San Francisco is a city that goes about its business its own way, and that is why we love it. It is bohemian and sometimes irreverent, but it is also full of character and charm. The best way to explore is to get on your walking shoes and put a few dollars in your pocket for the cable car. Then just spend your time meandering through the various districts, appreciating the diversity.


4. Louisville, Kentucky

US - 4

Louisville in Kentucky might be the surprise entry on our top 5 list. It deserves its place, though, so we are unapologetic. It is famous for its horse racing and bourbon, and those things are reason enough to visit. But more than that it is a vibrant city, with much to offer.


5. Las Vegas

US - 5

Las Vegas is the ultimate city for escapism. Forget about art and culture as Las Vegas is not about that. Instead it is about indulgence and fun, with luxurious casinos, fine dining, great shopping and lively nightlife.

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