Top 5 Toys For Grown-Ups

By on August 14, 2013
Grown Up Toys

For many of us, playing with toys does not end as we get older – it just gets more expensive. But there is nothing wrong with playing with toys, even if you are a 70 or 80 year old. So, in that spirit, here are our top 5 toys for grown-ups.


1. Syma Remote Control Helicopter

Grown Up Toys 1

This 7.5 inch three channel remote control helicopter gives hours of fun. It is lightweight and is fitted with the latest Gyroscope technology so it flies really well. It is for indoor use only but has a range of about 30 feet. My favorite review was from an 80 year old who said he used to fly real helicopters but now spends hours enjoying this.

2. LEGO Creator Fire Brigade 10197

Grown Up Toys 2

You will not be surprised that Lego makes it onto our list. It does so more than once but our top choice is this fire station that comes with a 1930s-style fire truck, 4 minifigures and a fire-dog. The detail is fantastic with fire-fighting tools, racks for firemen’s helmets, a fire-pole, an opening station garage door, and two fully-furnished floors.

3. Cards Against Humanity

Grown Up Toys 3

Cards Against Humanity is a party game that is strictly for grown-ups. It is hugely popular and is described as a game that feels like you are sitting around telling jokes. Expect uncontrollable laughter.

4. LEGO Star Wars Super Star Destroyer 10221

Grown Up Toys 4

I bet when you first read the title of this Top 5 you thought – Lego and Star Wars. Well, here is both combined. And what could be better than a 50 inch Super Star Destroyer? Part of the top section lifts off so you can see the command center and play with your Darth Vader, Admiral Piett, Dengar and Bossk minifigures, all of which are included. Go on, we know you want to.

5. Luke Skywalker Ceremonial Jacket with Medal Of Yavin

Grown Up Toys 5

Our final grown up toy is a dressing up costume. Of course it is from Star Wars. All you need know is a light saber for the ultimate cool look.

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