Top 5 Tips For Moving House

By on April 14, 2014
Moving House

Moving house is one of the most stressful things you will do. For many people, it is the most stressful. It is always a bigger task than anticipated and unforeseen things invariably happen to slow the whole process down or cost more money. So, here are our top 5 tips for moving house to make your next move as smooth as possible.


1. Plan Your Date

Moving House 1

You should decide on a moving date as soon as you possibly can, but try to avoid Fridays and holidays, particularly if you are using a removal firm. They are always in high demand on these days so will probably charge more, while sending fewer people to help on the day of the move. There are some other things you need to consider, including who is going to look after the children or the dog on the day of the move, and transferring the phone, broadband, electric etc to your new address.


2. Consider Bringing In The Professionals

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Unfortunately this is rarely a solution that will allow you to disappear for a few days, then come back to your nice new home with all the work done. Even when you bring in a removal firm, you will still have to be heavily involved in the process. However, they can be a massive help and can actually save you money, particularly if you are moving long distance. There are some things you should consider when bringing in professional movers, like whether or not your possessions are fully insured while in transit, and how to brief the removers on how to handle your fragile or valuable things.


3. Clear Out

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Be ruthless, be really ruthless. If you do not need it or do not use it, do not move it. We are all a bit guilty of accumulating stuff that we do not really need, so moving house presents an opportunity. Dump the worthless stuff and sell the rest.


4. Pack Early And Pack Well

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Start packing as early as possible – do not do it the day before you move! You can get materials like boxes and bubble wrap for free from stores who are throwing it out after deliveries. You will have to buy some items, however, so consider buying on the internet as you will probably save money. Once you start packing, use all the space you have. For example, breakable items can be put in drawers that are not full. Finally, color-code each box by room, not by content. A box that says “books”, for example, is not a helpful description if you do not know whether it is books for the children’s bedroom, or books for the study.


5. On The Big Day, Start Early And Call In The Cavalry

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On moving day, start as soon as the sun comes up. In fact, start earlier if you can. And don’t be afraid to call your friends and family to help, but be selective who you choose. You only want people who are genuinely going to help rather than walk about giving the impression of working. If you are using professional movers, make sure you check-off every box as it comes into the new house and do not sign anything until you are fully satisfied. Finally, make sure you eat. It is surprising how easy it is to miss a meal (or two!) during a move. So make sure someone on your team is responsible for making sure everyone eats properly.

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