Top 5 Super Hero Cars

By on March 14, 2013
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Super heroes have been able to capture the imagination of popular media and big Hollywood producers like never before. This has led to each “good guy” being kitted out with his personal vehicle, sometimes multiple vehicles to a single super hero, like batman. Of course the role of these vehicles is much more than just transportation, it is about matching the superhero personality and helping him defeat the bad guy. Let’s look at some of the cars which proved faithful sidekicks to their larger than life owners.


1. Tumbler


Born as a cross between a Lamborghini and hummer, this almost tank like “Car” helped caped crusader beat some of the most vicious on screen villains, and looked every bit as intimidating as its owner did. Plus it can’t be killed, just transforms into a super cool bike.


2. The Black Beauty

the black beauty

As much of a part of the movie as Seth Rogan and Jay Chou, this car got screen time, and presence few other got. This  1966 Chrysler Imperial, kitted out by the smartest side kick ever, embodies the green hornet persona perfectly.


3. The Burton Batmobile

burton batmobile                

This sleek and stylish Batmobile personified Batman before Nolan. It had a never ending array of gadgets, some quite unbelievable, that helped Batman beat the bad guys. Most important of all, it looked just awesome, a perfect visual match for Batman.


4. The Hell Cycle


Compared to the original one from the comic, this 12 foot metal monster was more hellish than ever imagined. The special effects team really outdid themselves for this monstrosity (In a good way).


5. The Red Mist


It is not really a superhero car; perhaps the only specialty this car has that it gives off puffs of mist. Only effective in attracting girls, this car even without special powers looked just properly awesome. Not to forget, it made a normal teenager look like a superhero.



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