Top 5 Successful People Who Started As Interns

By on March 4, 2014

Internship is not just simply a program that most graduating students have to undergo to earn pre-professional work experience. Aside from the fact that it opens doors of opportunities to recent graduates and people who wants career change, there are more benefits you can get in being an intern. If you’re torn between taking an internship or not, this information will help you decide on which road to take for your future career.

If you want to have an edge in the job market, one of the weapons you can used is your internship experience. Many people became successful because they were able to get a glimpse of the real world they want to belong to. They treat their internship journey as their stepping stone in reaching their dream job and they took the chance to climb the ladder towards their success.

To become a nobody to somebody, you need to work harder and show off your determination in pursuing your dreams. Internship can do wonders in your life just like how it became the foundation of these famous people for their future success.

1. Steve Jobs
He is the co-founder of Apple Computer Inc, one of the most valuable tech companies in the world. This man contributed a huge changed in this generation and transformed the world’s relationship to technology. Who would have thought that an adopted son of a machinist who is so in loved with electronics will brought us amazing innovations? No one did but hey, he was the creative mind behind Apple. He created something BIG that touched a lot of people in a positive way.

Jobs had humble beginnings. He started an intern in Hewlett-Packard. How did it happened? When he was 12 years old he called William Hewlett who was then the president of Hewlett-Packard and talked about his project in school. Hewlett was impressed to Job’s interest in electronics and chips so he offered him a summer internship to his company.

2. Steven Spielberg
He is best-known as one of the most influential film-makers in film history. Spielberg is undoubtedly a top-grossing director, Award- winning producer, and brilliant screenwriter who inspired generations through his visions and imaginations. He has earned so many awards and recognition because of the success of his films such as Jaws, ET, Schindler’s List, Saving Private Ryan, and Back to the Future.

An eager 17-year-old Spielberg got an unofficial internship in Universal Studios. His strong drive and dedication to learn brought him to where he is now. Even if he is not allowed to get access to the Universal studio lot, he made his way to continue educating his self about Film-making.

3. Oprah Winfrey
Oprah is considered as one of the most iconic faces on TV and one of the most influential women in the world. She is a proof of famous rags-to-riches story. Winfrey endured a tough life while she was young but it doesn’t stopped her to have a larger-than-life success. She surpassed her troubled past and gained tremendous achievements.

Her involvement in media started when she became an intern at WLAC- TV- a CBS affiliate in Nashville. Her talent and experience in public speaking and drama gave her a chance to become a part-time newsreader which led her in getting a full-time anchor position.

4. Bill Gates
Every time people mention the name “Bill Gates”, the first thing that comes to mind is a computer genius or the wealthiest man in the world. Everyone knows that he became very famous after he co-found the world’s largest software company which is Microsoft Corp.

But many didn’t know that he started as a congressional page (intern) for the US house of Representatives during the summer. His duties back then was clerical work. After his internship, he decided to start Microsoft. His interest in software and programming urge him to create a multi-billion dollar company.

5. Anderson Cooper
Cooper is a well-known journalist and a TV personality on CNN, an American cable and television channel. He works as a news correspondent who travel overseas to cover war and disaster zones. He is interested in stories about survival. His strong passion, focus, and confidence to deliver stories made him to be one of the top personalities in his field.

During his college years, Cooper spent his summer as an intern and had a training with the Central Intelligence Agency, the nation’s top spy agency. However, he didn’t pursue a career related in intelligence work but instead he chose the path of journalism.

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