Top 5 Strangest Buildings in the world

By on October 9, 2013

When do buildings tend to turn out the strangest designs? If you ask us, we think it’s because some genius want to build a masterpiece but they lost their way in the middle and something totally haphazard comes out of it!!!! However, having said that, some designs still look admirable and fascinating because of the architectural genius purpose behind it. Therefore, we decided to do some research about weird looking building but with the intellect story behind for our dear readers. Let’s check them out!!!!

1. Habitat 67, Montreal, Canada
When you take a good look at this building, the fashion in which the apartments are sited is rather not intriguing. But what of we told you that the apartment of these buildings are sold at as much a high price as that of luxury apartments? Yes, shocking but true. The very reason behind it the marvelous and fascinating architectural genius behind it. The design is purposely made out of 354 cubes and stacked weirdly to maintain privacy of each apartment. The positioning of the disjointed cubes makes it possible to not face any window to each other. Sheer Brilliance!!!!



2. Rotating Tower, Dubai, UAE
How would you like to live in an apartment which offers you a changing skyline every morning you wake up? Who wouldn’t, right? This is exactly what the Rotating Tower in Dubai presents to anyone living there. The magnificent tower designed by David Fisher doesn’t appear the same way twice. Moreover, it produces energy for itself with its wind turbines.



3. Dancing House, Prague, Czech Republic
This building is designed to appear as a dancing couple with a finishing look that would portray as the female’s skirt swaying to the music. It is nicknamed after the famous duo, Fred Astair and Ginger Rogers.



4. Lotus Temple, New Delhi, India
India is well known as a country of rich culture and religions. The Lotus Temple is an exact replica of the same. Lotus is not only the national flower of the country but is also a religious symbol of many religions.



5. The Crooked House, Poland
The design of this building is fashioned to look as though the building is slumping in between the adjacent buildings. Its design was inspired by a children’s book illustrator, Jan Marcin Szancer. The roof is crafted in a manner to create a profound illusion of scales of a Dragon.


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