Top 5 Reasons To Get On Your Bike This Summer

By on July 24, 2013

Riding a bike is a wonderfully liberating experience. Those who  ride often will already be aware of that. But for those who do not, you will be surprised at how much you actually enjoy being on a bike. Most of us need cars, particularly for long journeys – that is not the point. This is about getting on our bikes more often – to make short journeys, or simply just to go for a ride. If you still need some motivation, here are our top 5 reasons to get back on your bike this summer.



1. Save some cash

Cycling 1

Traveling can be expensive. So this summer, instead of taking the car, bus or train to work, take out your bike. You will save on fuel and you will feel better once you get to your destination. With the money you save you might even be able to treat yourself!



2. Burn calories and keep fit

Cycling 2

Cycling is a great way to get exercise. What could be better than burning calories and keeping fit while going about your daily business? The average 150 pound women will burn 270 calories per hour while riding at a leisurely pace. But there is more. Cycling also relieves stress and, because you will be out in the sun more, it increases your levels of vitamin D. This is good because vitamin D is essential for bone health.



3. Help the environment

Cycling 3

Who wants to be sitting in traffic anyway? Getting on your bike will get you out of that horrible fume-filled concrete setting – and you will be helping the environment in the process. Less carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is good for everyone, and on shorter journeys, you may even find that your bike gets you to your destination quicker.



4. Explore the places your car cannot go

Cycling 4

Bikes are a great way of getting off road to beautiful and interesting places you would never see if just traveling in your car. Take your bike on holiday with you, or simply go away on a dedicated cycling trip. You will see sights and smell smells like never before.



5. Be sociable and help your community

Cycling 5

Cycling can be a great way to make new friends and get more involved with your exisiting friends, family or wider community. You can go on days out with friends or family, or you can take part in organized cycle runs. These are often arranged to raise money for charity or your local community so are worthwhile things to get involved in.

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