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By on July 28, 2013
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Over the past one hundred years, many free market entrepreneurs have found a quick and easy way to make revenue. Albeit the great market crash of 1929-1933, many corporations of the time not only managed to sustain their assets, but as their competitors’ shares started plummeting to the ground,  they were actually able to achieve global market dominance, and stay on top of the financial food chain for decades to come. Many of those corporations are still around to this day; scoring record-breaking profits and holding big mercantile monopolies throughout the world. Their influence is shaping the foundations of modern capitalism and their contribution to the industrialization of countries, have made them worthy of remembrance. Here are some names that you might recognize.

Exxon Mobil Corporation
 Everyone remembers John D. Rockefeller as being one of the biggest names in corporate America. He helped establish the Standard Oil company, which was one of the first international oil monopolies in the world. Because of this, it got disbanded in 1911; reemerging as  two separate, but equally wealthy petroleum holdings -Exxon and Mobil. In 1999 both companies merged to form what is now known as Exxon Mobil; the true successor of Rockefeller’s Standard Oil. The company now makes over $482, 000, 000, 000 in revenue, and employs more than 76,900 people world wide.


Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.
Colloquially known as Walmart, this American-based; family owned; multinational conglomerate is  the biggest private employer of human labor in the world; the exact number of people currently working for Walmart being around 2.1 million. Along with their impressive labor force, Walmart is also the largest retailer in the world, brining about $469 billion in revenue to its executive owners – the Walton Family.


Samsung Electronics
Operating under the Samsung Group conglomerate, Samsung Electronics subsidiary is a well know multinational electronics company, which has been manufacturing and distributing high-valued electronic components for well over 44 years, ranking the company as the world’s largest technology distributor to date. In recent years, Samsung Electronics have expanded their target of operation, incorporating the manufacturing and sales of more consumer-oriented merchandise; such as smartphones and tablets. Samsung is now the biggest LCD panel concern since 2002; as well as the world’s largest wide-screen television manufacturer as of 2006.


General Motors Company, Inc.
Founded in 1908 as a holding company for Buick, General Motors and all their affiliates have been holding the title of the world’s largest auto manufacturers right until 2007, when the title was indisputably claimed by the Toyota Motor Corporation. General Motors holds up well in revenue, scoring at about $150 billion as of 2013. General Motor’s automobiles are sold in about 157 different countries, featuring such brands as Chevrolet, Buick, GMC,Cadillac, Baojun, Holden, Isuzu, Jie Fang, Opel, Vauxhall, and Wuling.


AT&T Inc.
As of 2012, AT&T is placed as the 20th biggest mobile telecom operator, running alongside with such companies as Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile and Vodafone. The company is the 17th largest company in the world by the market value of $185 billion and is the 21st largest telecommunications provider, servicing well over 106 million customers in the US alone. Currently AT&T utilizes much of the former Bell System and features ten of the original Bell Operating Companies. That is because AT&T is indirectly related to the Bell Telephone Company – the first telephone company in the world.

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