Top 5 Luxury Seedans

By on March 14, 2013
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If their expensive price tag is not a problem, luxury sedans provide the extremely stylish, reliable and modernly innovative driving experience possible on the road. These premium sedans are designed to focus on elegance, class, quality and comfort but still are able to outperform most other cars on the road. Lets have a look at some of these road aristocrats.


1. Rolls Royce Ghost

Rolls-Royce GHost

Combine great modern touch of the classic looks with the latest modern technology, add to that a powerful muscle of an engine and abundance of class and comfort and you will get yourself a Rolls Royce Ghost. The premier Sedan can be your most loyal subject.


2. Audi A8


Audi’s Flagship A8’s sleek styling, fine-tuned engine, precise engineering, latest technology in gadgets and innovative features have helped it redefine luxury for a performance sedan car of this generation. And better yet, Audi is improving on it every year.


3. Mercedes s63 AMG


A combined venture by AMG and Mercedes, the engineers have been able to deliver the trademark aggressive looks and top of the line performance.  This 536 horsepower beast is deceptively comfortable on the ride and amazingly exciting to drive. If you are hungry for even more power, you can get added AMG packages to make this beast hyper active.


4. BMW 750Li Sedan


The biggest edition of BMW’s flagship 7 series contains trademark technologically advanced yet elegant interior mixed with the power of V8 engine producing amount of power few can match. This is for sporty tycoons, looking to perhaps a race for office


5. Jaguar XJ


This 470-horsepower, supercharged v8 engine driven beauty of a car not only comes with excellent elegance, offbeat design but it also brings with it that subtle quality that jaguars always had and which made them so dear to all of us


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