Top 5 Hybrid Bikes For 2013

By on July 13, 2013
Hybrid Bike

Hybrid bikes are more often than not the best option when choosing a bike. Mountain bikes are great when off road, but are inefficient on the road. Road bikes are super quick and easy to ride, but they are fragile. Hybrids are the best of both worlds. Unless you want to compete in a time trial or hurtle down a mucky hill, they are the best choice. Here are the top 5 hybrid bikes of 2013.


1. Schwinn Crest Urban Women’s Hybrid Bike

Hybrid Bike 1

Schwinn is one of the best brand names in bikes, so it is no surprise one of their models is top of our list (in fact, Schwinn occupies the top two positions). The Crest Urban has 21 gears changed by SRAM grip shifters. It has an aluminium frame and easy-ride hybrid tires.  There is also front suspension and a hybrid saddle for a super comfy ride.


Hybrid Bike 2

Our number 2 hybrid bike is the Wayfarer model by Schwinn. It has a retro design, fenders and a rear luggage rack. It is seven speed and is both lightweight and strong.


Hybrid Bike 3

The first men’s bike on our list is the Edgewood Sport from Diamondback. It has an aluminium hybrid frame, suspension forks, and EF-TX51 seven speed EZ-fire shifters for smooth gear changes.


Hybrid Bike 4

This is a strikingly designed bike from Critical Cycles. It is single speed and is hand-made. The lightweight frame is designed for an upright sitting position. This is easily the coolest bike on this list and the coolest bike on the market today.


Hybrid Bike 5

Our second Diamondback is a performance bike and is the highest specification and most sturdy bike on the list. It is the most expensive but it packs a punch with features like the Insight integrated steel aero straight blade fork.

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