Top 5 Grand Tour (GT) Cars

By on March 2, 2013
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There is nothing like going on a long impromptu or planned road trip with your car, with some friends. The car becomes as much a part of you in such tripe as the air you breathe. This is exactly why each major car company makes special GT versions of its famous cars. If grand tours on an exciting yet comfortable and durable cars is your thing, please have a look at these great cars


1. Nissan GT-R

Nissan GT-R

Nissan is not the name one expects to hear when talking about GT, but the new Nissan GT-R is the topping the lists for the best GT car all over the place. While driving it one can feel the Japanese engineers thoughtful and precise design work mixed with latest technical advanced to provide a very nimble, quick, and responsive driving experience. Plus it is one of the best super cars below the $100K mark out there!


2. Bentley Continental GT Speed


This British car announces its origins by its looks right away. But what one can’t tell by just looking at it is how great it handles, how deceptively nimble it is in handling, and the power it packs under the hood.


3. Aston Martin DB9

aston martin db9

Who would not want to own a car made by people who made the car for Bond. It has seductive styling, is surprisingly lively on the road, has intricate work in the cabin and to top it all off is an Aston


4. Ferrari GT California


Even the brand “Ferrari” is enough to make any car exciting and desirable. But California happens to be Ferrari’s attempt at making a car you can drive across Europe, not just park at Monte Carlo. It combines Ferrari flamboyance with comfort and attention to everyday needs.


5. Porsche 911 S


Porsche 911, perhaps the most known car design of all time is a great company on your long trips. It is a sports car made for the roads, what else would one need


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