Top 5 Funny Advertisements

By on December 11, 2013

Everyone’s a sucker for a good advertisement. After all that’s what is played for almost 20 minutes in an hour show!!!! We’re just kidding but the fact still remains some ads have the capacity to totally crack you up. You want to share them with your friends and people you know on social networks and share a good laugh!!! They’re totally contagious and stay with you forever. Therefore, we decided to revisit and bring to you 5 funny ads of all times.

1. John West’s Red Salmon (2000)
Now if you’re wondering why we’ve placed John West’s Red Salmon Ad on top of funny ads lists, we would like to remind you of the “Bear Fight”!!! Yes, the legendary “bear fight” where the John West fisherman kicks the bear’s grizzlies for the fresh fish. That scene was definitely the highlight of this hilarious commercial.



2.Budweiser (1999)
Remember how the tradition of “Wassup” caught on all of us, this commercial highlights that culture in a rather amusing way. Well, you will have to see the ad to find out how damn funny it is. It shows a guy getting a phone call from another and then his other friends join in, in one way or another and the wassup frenzy continues.



3. Cadbury (2007)
We all are well versed with Phil Collins’s song “In the Air tonight”, thanks to the movie The Hangover (when Mike Tyson punches Alan). However, the song hit the charts again way back in 2007 due to Cadbury’s amazing Gorilla advertisement. The Gorilla is shown getting pumped up to the songs. See it to take real fun in the advertisement.



4. Wendy’s Burger (1984)
Ever went to a burger joint who claims to have yummy patty and cheese stuffed in it to fully satisfy you in its Ads. But eventually the visit turned out to be a total disappointment. This is exactly what this Wendy’s Burger Ad is trying to convey but with comical Old people in it.



5. Reebok (2003)
Reebok’s commercial in 2003 starred Terry Tate as the office linebacker. In other words, he pushed and pumped up people (like in a soccer game) to get them to work. Our Verdict – Absolutely Hilarious!!!



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