Top 5 Fried Foods people love

By on April 1, 2013

Everyone loves to eat but what makes good food taste even better? Frying!!! Yes, people are crazily insane about fried foods because we love fat!!! And it’s not like we eat this stuff everyday but sometimes eating awesome fried food is totally worth it. Moreover, the number of food items that are deep fried for experimentation and consumption is rapidly growing. You will find weird yet yummylicious foods which are battered and fried. We present to you a list of ridiculously delicious deep fried food that people love to nibble.

1. Mozzarella sticks
People of every age love cheese of any kind and it’s even better when the cheese is battered and fried, right? Mozzarella sticks are insanely yummy and totally gooey. Especially when you eat it, the cheese just melts in your mouth. It is absolutely mouth watering. Mozzarella sticks taste even better when served with dips and are widely available in restaurants.



2. French Fries
Right from the 80’s, French fries is loved by people all over the world. That explains 29 pounds of French fries Americans (only) consume. Its potatoes, fried and salt sprinkled…….. What’s not to like. Moreover, French fries come in variety of dressings and variations such as cheesy French fries, ranch dressing or barbeque making it taste even more delicious.



3. Twinkies
Yes, the beloved cake is now on the fried food menu. The sweetness of Twinkies combines with batter fried taste topped with chocolate sauce and sprinkled with sugar. Drooling, already? If you haven’t tried fried Twinkies yet, you are missing on this hell of a treat.



4. Pizza
Nope, we really mean Fried Pizza. Pizza is a common favorite amongst people and what could be more fascinating than a pizza which is deep fried. Deep Fried Pizza tastes mouth-watering and oh so gooey.



5. Oreos
Not only are Oreos famous as biscuit snacks but are increasingly getting populous as deep fried item. For your sweet tooth craving, these cookies, which are batter dipped, will be a heavenly treat.



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