Top 5 Food Items That Kids Can Never Say No To

By on March 7, 2013

Majority of the kids are fussy eaters when it comes to healthy food items. But the trick lies in hiding or transforming the healthy stuff and making sure the child gets all kinds of nutrition from the food he/ she consume. We have penned down a list of food preparations which are healthy and gullible and when you offer it to your kids, they would not refuse it for sure!

1. Spaghetti: This would surprise many parents but yes, spaghetti and pasta contain Vitamin B and fiber. Also, if you still are apprehensive about this food product; you can always opt for whole wheat pasta which is easily available these days. Moreover, you can hide variations of healthy veggies inside your pasta sauce!



2. Smoothies: Smoothies are refreshing and a great treat for kids. It contains yoghurt which is rich in calcium, protein, vitamin B6, vitamin B12 and riboflavin. Also, when your blend it fresh or frozen fruits like strawberry, blueberries or apple; kids are provided with lots of vitamins and nutrients.



3. Raw veggies Sandwich: If your kid doesn’t prefer eating raw veggies, or veggies of any kind for that reason, try making a cheese sandwich with raw veggies inside (choose from paprika, cabbage or lettuce) and grill it.  Your child is going to love it for sure.



4. Wraps: Wraps made of wheat flour base with lots of healthy veggies and string cheese is very healthy and nutritious recipe. Veggies should include cherry tomatoes which are high in Vitamin A and C; you can also add some potatoes for energy and carbs; some onions and essentially cheese which is a source of calcium and good for kids who are fussy about milk.



5. Dips – Kids absolutely heart dips. Replace the dressings full of fat with nutritious dips made out of yoghurt or salsa. Hummus is a great option as a dip. You can offer you kid crunchy food items like celery, whole – grain crackers or baby carrots to consume with the dip.


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