Top 5 Easter Indulgences

By on March 30, 2013

It is human nature to strive to do things bigger, fast and better than before. Even traditional festivals like Easter do not escape from this most basic drive inherent in all cultures. So, here are the top 5 Easter indulgences. Expect chocolate, big things, chocolate, expensive things, and more chocolate.


1. Biggest Easter egg

Easter 1

The world’s biggest Easter egg was made in Argentina. It weighs 4 tons, is 27 feet high and 16 feet wide. It took 8,800 pounds of chocolate to make. They built a wood frame as a skeleton to attach the chocolate and, when complete, cranes were used to break off chunks so that residents of San Carlos de Bariloche could try it.


2. Biggest hot cross bun

Easter 2

The World Record for the world’s largest ever hot cross bun is held by the Sunblest bakery in Northern Ireland. The ingredients used to make it include 37.5 kilograms of flour, 16.8 kilograms of water, 7 kilograms of currants and 6.3 kilograms of sultanas and when it was finished, it weighed 81 kilograms.


3. Chocolate eating records

Easter 3

The International Federation of Competitive Eating records Patrick Bertoletti as their chocolate eating champion. Mr Bertoletti, who is from Chicago, ate one pound 15.5 ounces of Chicago Chocolate Hearts in seven minutes.


4. World’s most expensive egg

Easter 4

The world’s most expensive egg was made in Russia by Faberge. It is pink and is decorated with gold and jewels and every hour, a diamond-encrusted cockerel pops out and crows. The egg sold was made for the Rothschild banking family and in 2007 for $18 million.


5. World’s biggest Easter egg hunt

Easter 5

In the world’s biggest Easter egg hunt, one hundred and one giant Easter eggs were hidden in various UK cities in separate events, ending in London. The eggs are two and a half feet tall and were designed by artists and designers. The event raises money for charity.

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