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By on September 2, 2013
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In 2013 we have witnessed the birth of a Royal baby. His Royal Highness Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge was born in July. His father, the future king of the United Kingdom Prince William, had to register the birth, like all new parents. In the box that asked the occupation of the mother, he wrote “Princess of the United Kingdom”. That is a pretty cool job title and got us thinking: what are the top 5 coolest job titles we have ever seen. Here is the list.


1. Pornography Historian

Job title 1

Someone has to do it, I suppose. At the very least we will be able to explain to our grand children and great grand children why several generations of teenagers since the introduction of the internet spent years in their bedrooms “doing their homework” but still got awful grades.


2. Writer, Wizard, Mall Santa and Rasputin Impersonator

Job title 2

It is hard to know where to start with this one, except to say that if he gets enough work as a wizard, mall Santa and Rasputin impersonator he will have plenty to write about. At least you now know where to find a Rasputin impersonator that next time you are looking for one.


3. Ex-Moonshiner

Job title 3

The first thing that springs to mind with this job title is: why “ex”? Is that not a labor of love and a passion that can be continued well into retirement? Or are we thinking of moonshine drinker?


4. Creative Director of Unicorn Division

Job title 4

Really, what could be better than directing the beautiful (albeit mythical) unicorn? And what company has a whole unicorn division anyway? Only in Germany, as they say!


5. In Charge of the Big Door

Job title 5

Just think about this one for a moment. You meet someone at a dinner party and you are getting to know them: where they are from, how many children they have, where they live, etc, etc. Then you ask: “So, Ludwig, what do you do for a living.” Tell me you will not be intrigued when you hear the answer: “I’m in charge of the big door”.

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