Top 5 Concept Cars

By on April 16, 2013
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Concept cars are the way the automotive industry teases tantalize and frustrates us with what we cannot have, but is great to think about. Over the years many concept cars, some ultra-futuristic, some amphibian cars, and others just plain and simple utter rubbish in name of creativeness. Here we look at some which were great but never made.


1. Jeep Hurricane


One does not expect a Jeep to produce anything innovative or creative, jeep is more or less a synonym for tough, hardy and simple. However had jeep produced this concept, it would have been able to add coolant to the list too, without compromising any other previously acquired traits.


2. Mercedes F400


One of many concept cars brought forth by the German giant, this rather unique, gorgeous and sensual concept focused more on looks than performance issues, a unlike most other Mercedes Concepts. And the focus shift did pay off as can be seen.


3. Lamborghini Gallardo Concept S


Even a styling exercise from Lamborghini is so gutsy and inspiring it rocketed into the public eye. Designed as an exclusive 100 unit design, it was later kept to just two. Both of which are powered by 5 liter V-10s and look every bit of raging bull as a Lamborghini should


4. Audi Locus


Designed by Turkish designer, the curves on the beauty of a car put Kardashians to shame. Designed with theme “Nature”, the car is gorgeously easy on the eyes and they would be specs are equally generous toward mother nature.


5. Peugeot Onyx


Not really known to produce any of its concepts, Peugeot is still able to leave enthusiast breathless with its concepts of sports cars that never will be. A design so sharp it could cut through you yet so eco-friendly it would sow you back afterwards. This car could be the punch Eco cars need to make it big.

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