Top 5 Celebs who look astonishingly dog-like

By on June 11, 2013

We gave you celebs that look alike but this time we thought of tickling your funny bone with celebs that have dog look alike. Don’t be astounded with our tweak in the topic, we are just trying to prove the fact that man did evolve from Apes a.k.a animal species. So, there has to be some hidden or profound similarities, don’t it?

1. Jack Black and French Bull Dog
Jack Black, the multi talented actor, singer and comedian has had great movies like School of Rock, Gulliver’s Travel and Kung Fu Panda. Every time you watch his movies; he cracks you up to the core! But what’s more funny about him is his resemblance with the French Bull Dog. See those eyes, you’ll get the point.



2. Brad Pitt and Schnauzer
When Brad Pitt sported a weird beard (rhyming *wink*) in 2010 for a movie role and made excuses that he was too tired to shave it, we couldn’t help but wonder who it resembled. After several attempts, we found the perfect match and it belonged to a Schnauzer. The way those eyes wrinkle and the beard stands perfectly in both Brad Pitt’s and the Schnauzer’s is just EPIC!



3. Eric Stonestreet and Chow
Who doesn’t find Cameron from Modern Family funny? Eric Stonestreet is simply awesome in the role. As adorable and chubby as he is, so is his canine counterpart aptly resemble his cheek bones and round face. Also, not to refrain from mentioning that Chow species dog is as lovable as him!



4. Paris Hilton and Afghan
Like you and we both know that Paris Hilton needs no introduction. Although the hotel heiress carries around with her a tiny dog which is as fashionable as she can be; but we would love to see her own an Afghan breed which looks almost like her. Don’t hate us, we’re just saying!



5. Taylor Swift and Akita
Akita is a cool species of dog. Its appearance and laid back attitude is just typically sophisticated and fascinating so much so that it puts other breeds to shame. However, the only similarity between Taylor Swift and Akita is they look sort of alike!



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