Top 5 Celebrity Fights

By on April 3, 2013

When it comes to brandishing those perfectly manicured claws, nothing comes close to some of the cat fights that have caught the paparazzi’s imagination like these five fights here. They seem to have been borne out of the silliest of reasons, but nonetheless have landed up attracting the reaction of the entire world.


1. Lady Gaga vs Madonna

The queen of today versus the empress of yesterday had a little go at it when the older voiced how the younger seems to be getting too close to her appearance. It may just be a case of fleeting youth for the ‘Like A Virgin’ star but it certainly seems the Lady Gaga is carrying her own. Madonna should just ‘Respect Herself’ and move on.



2. Lil Kim vs Nicki Minaj

Well it looks like this spat is an ongoing exercise in craziness. The two stars accuse each other of taking artwork from the other. Get over it! Let the fan’s decide. But one thing for sure, these perfectly manicured fingers did do some celebrity gauging in front of the reporters.



3. Kanye West vs Taylor Swift

This one even got a comment from the President of the United States who called Kanye a few things when he thought he was not on tape. That was priceless. But the antic that West pulled at the awards was uncalled for only to be responded to with class and finesse by the elegant Swift.



4. Robbie Williams vs Liam Gallagher

It’s not often you find guys squabbling at this level, but when they do they certainly know how to grow for broke in the silliness department. It just goes to show that one does not have to be a genius to be a celebrity.



5. Calvin Harris vs Katy Perry

This one is priceless. This is a boy bullying a girl. Our other list finalists were all same sex. Each bullying their own. This one crosses the gender border. Shame on you. Get over yourself and try a little tenderness.


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