Top 5 Bizarre Artworks

By on May 13, 2013
Bizarre Art

Throughout the centuries artists have tried to challenge the conventional. They have always done things to surprise, shock and sometimes repulse their audiences. Some attempts are more shocking than others, and some are just bizarre. Here are our top 5 most bizarre artworks.


1. My Bed by Tracey Emin

My Bed

British artist Tracey Emin created My Bed in 1998 and it was displayed in London’s Tate Gallery in 1999. It was a contender for the Turner Prize that year, one of the most prestigious prizes in world art. The work consisted of her bed and a number of other objects. This included conventional things like slippers, but there were also condoms, dirty underwear and stains on the bed. It was a shocking window on the artist’s soul and caused huge controversy.


2. Tilted Arc by Richard Serra

Tilted arc

The Tilted Arc was installed in Federal Plaza in downtown Manhattan in 1981 after being paid for with public money. It was 12 foot high and 120 foot long and just about no one liked it. Petitions were signed and the courts got involved before it was removed in 1989.


3. Just about anything by Damian Hirst

Damian Hirst

Damian Hirst is a British artist who has been creating unusual and bizarre art since the 1990s. Almost anything from his portfolio could have been included on this list, including dead cows and sharks displayed in large cases of formaldehyde. One of his most controversial, however, was called In and Out of Love. It was displayed in the Tate Modern in London and was two windowless rooms full of live butterflies. Audiences observed the butterflies but 9,000 of them died during the 23 week exhibition.


4. Museum on Non-Visible Art


This museum displays art you cannot see. There are descriptions by the artists so it is supposed to be about imagination. The most shocking thing is that some people have spent thousands of dollars buying this invisible art.


5. Orvillecopter by Bart Jansen


Bart Jansen is from Holland. When his pet cat died he had him stuffed by a taxidermist. Then he turned that into a remote control helicopter and called it art. Weird.

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