Top 5 Animated Movies 2012-2013

By on March 5, 2013

The year 2012-2013 saw the release of the most amazing animated movies. The animated movies of 2012-2013 were entertaining and quintessentially carried a message to its audiences. Animated movies, these days are not only for children but for all age groups because they depict a mature story-line while preserving innocence. Here is our list of top 5 animated movies of year 2012-2013

1. Brave – A movie with a bold storyline revolving around a female protagonist, who is a princess but doesn’t wish to act like one. Due to her mother’s constant nagging she is forced into taking a path, which she shouldn’t, in order to make her mother listen. Due to the unexpected consequences, she is put in a position where she act mature and which ultimately lead to a strong bond between her and her mother.


2. Wreck- It Ralph – Wreck- It Ralph is a story about the life inside the video games. It has an astounding story line where Ralph, who is a bad guy in the video game, is fed up of being one. He wants to be the good guy, whom people will love and appreciate. This desire sends him to a road of adventure, self- discovery and a sweet friendship with a glitch from another video game.


3. Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax – A movie with a strong message about the consequences of cutting trees and global warning, the story has an innovative plot. This animated piece has a brilliant concept to pass onto the current and future generations.


4. FrankenWeenie – FrankenWeenie is set in the 80’s in a small town. Tim Burton has effectively portrayed a child’s love for his pet dog. The story depicts the extent to which the child goes to in order to bring his dead dog back to life by using science for the good but ultimately the formula falls in wrong hands resulting in un-imagined circumstances.


5. Ice Age 4 – Well, who doesn’t love Ice Age movies? Packed with humor and full on entertainment, the fourth part of the series surely lives up to the audience’s expectation and its reputation.


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