Top 5 Amazing Facts About the Universe

By on March 10, 2013

The Universe is a mysterious thing. The deeper you go, the deeper secrets it reveals. There are many crazy and astounding facts to be known about the Universe. We present to you, our list of Top 5 amazing and awe-inspiring facts about the Universe

1. We may have neighbor Universes
The theory of eternal inflation imbibes the possibility of existence of another universes. It says that the Big Bang led to multiple expansion of space-time at multiple places. If true, this would mean that there would be a totally functional universe, right now with its own set of individual laws of physics. Interesting!



2. Echoes of the Big Bang prevail
The European Space Agency’s experiment revealed that echoes of the birth of the Universe still exist as a form of radiation. The Universe is believed to be created 13.7 billion years ago and the Space agency’s “Plank” satellite experiment revealed many unanswered questions about the creation of universe and what happened after due to the mapping of these echoes.



3. The Dark Matter
The planets, the stars and the galaxies which are visible to the human eye amount to only 4% of matter existing in the Universe. The rest i.e. 96% of what is present is invisible and hence is popularly known as the Dark matter. Moreover, the dark matter is too difficult to figure out. What dark secrets do you have hidden, Universe?



4. The Universe is expanding with acceleration
The 2011 Nobel Prize was awarded to three scientists for their discovery in 1998 that the Universe is expanding at great speed. It is believed that the dark energy is instrumental in drifting away the cosmos at great speed. This means that the farther is a galaxy from the Earth, the speed at which it is moving is accelerated.



5. The shape of the Universe is flat
The Universe expands due to gravitational pull based on the density of the matter. Therefore, if the density expands over and above a critical value, it will close; for instance like a sheet of paper. This means that once it reaches the zero point of expansion, it will start collapsing resulting into the “Big Crunch”.



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