Top 5 Amazing Facts About the Earth

By on March 12, 2013

There are so many ambiguities about our planet that needs to be comprehended. Some facts remain unexplained and undiscovered like many oceans haven’t been explored yet; many new species which prevail on the planet are still to be discovered. Earth is rapidly shifting and changing at a pace which leaves the human mind to marvel. But then, there’s only so much we can know. Check out our list of Top 5 spectacular facts about our dear planet.

1. Continents
The existing contents on the earth where once a humungous Supercontinent.  It is believed that in the earth’s history, which dates back to 4.5 billion years; earth’s continents collided to form one huge supercontinent and were later separated, not once but several times. The latest continent, Pangaea began to break out around about 200 million years before and the land masses concurrently meandered to form, which we currently see as continents.



2. Largest Ocean Basin
The Pacific Ocean is considered to be the largest ocean basin so much that it is big enough to fit in all the continents of the world in itself. The Pacific Ocean covers around about 59 million square miles and holds more than half of the amount of water existing on the planet.



3. Land Recycles
Earth has a rock cycle which changes igneous rocks, which is nothing but magma from the depths of the earth, to sedimentary rocks for instance, stand stone. Now the deeper buried sedimentary rocks cook under a high degree of heat and pressure to form metamorphic rocks. Now if the metamorphic rock gets trapped between pieces of earth’s crust which are pushing under one another; it transforms back into magma.



4. No Rain
There are places in Atacama Desert in Chile, where there are several recorded occasions of no rain making it the driest spot on planet, Earth. Mainly, the centre of the Atacama Desert is the area which is devoid of rains.



5. Second Moon
Researches in 2011 revealed that there was a second set of “temporary moon” which is pulled due to the gravity and makes asymmetrical swings around the planet for almost nine months and then moves on.


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