David Beckham’s Five Most Famous Hair Styles

By on July 16, 2013
Alice Band

This year marked a sad time in the football world as one of the most respected and loved footballers of the last 20 years, David Beckham, called a day on his playing career and retired. Beckham 38 made his debut for Manchester United more than two decades ago and went on to play for Real Madrid, LA Galaxy, AC Milan and Paris Saint Germain as well as amassing more than 115 caps for England and becoming the nation’s captain.

Beckham’s personal life has become as well-known as his sporting career after marrying a pop star and making innumerable appearances on beautiful people lists. His ever-changing hairstyles in particular have been granted significant column space. Here are 5 of David Beckham’s best-known hair styles.

5. The Curtains
When exploding onto the scene with a goal from his own half against Wimbledon, David Beckham was sporting the mid-90s pop staple haircut: curtains. Boy bands around the world were taking advantage of the mesmerising effect that gelling your hair down your face with a central parting had on teen girls and so did David Beckham. Despite the style ageing terribly, the look made Beckham an instant heart throb.


4. The Alice Band
Usually the sole property of the Italian football, Beckham was one of the first English footballers to incorporate the style. Practical and fashionable, the Alice band allowed Beckham to grow his hair long whilst keeping it out of his eyes whilst playing.
Alice Band


3. The Slicked Back Blonde Look
David Beckham has managed to stay relevant and grow old gracefully, now most commonly seen sporting an ultra-smart suit and hair combination with the slicked back, short on the sides with side parting slightly bleached blonde. To complete this look, your barber would shave your back and sides short whilst letting the top grow, thinning it if necessary. Bleach the hair slightly and then wax backwards from a natural side parting.
Slick Back


2. Messy and Spiked
Raised and spiked hair can serve to elongate the face and add an extra sense of youth, something that Beckham is quite conscious about with his 40th birthday fast approaching. This look has the added benefit of not suffering too much on the football field.


1. The Shaved Head
Before the shaved head, many people questioned Beckham’s dedication to the sport and considered him something of a playboy and a poser. Taking up the England captaincy and shaving of his hair, Beckham demonstrated that he was ready to be taken seriously as a sports star and as a man.

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