5 Weird Animal Facts

By on January 29, 2014

You would be well aware about your friends in the animal kingdom if you were a zoologist. If not, it would keep you wondering how to animals communicate, how to they mate, how to they eat because after all we are an evolution from their species. Not that we are trying to imply that humans are much like animals and vise-a-versa but there are some facts about animals which are totally mind blowing and fascinating, so let’s check these out!!!!

1. You have one million ants counterparts
These tiny little creatures who crave for sugar rush, are totally harmless and not horrifying as spiders and roaches. But who would have thought that the weight of all ants combined is the same as that of all humans on earth. What’s more interesting is that ants haven’t changed the way they live i.e. they still live in colonies and bring their prey to share with their relatives.


2. Dolphins sleep with half brain shut
Dolphins do not sleep like us humans with their brains totally shut out. Each time a dolphins breathes; they need to think about it. This only means that they are conscious breathers and if they shut their brain while they’d sleep, they would die.


3. Goat’s have rectangular pupils
>Ever wondered why goats sprint off quickly when they see some one approach even if they are far off? It’s simply because they have rectangular pupils unlike our round ones. The shape of the pupils enables them not only to watch over predators but also over spectrum of the grazing area.


4. Rats last longer without Water than Camels
The kangaroo rat has the capability to dwell in the dessert with almost no water. Their kidneys produce concentrated urine which unlike humans loses very little water which even lesser than that of Camel.


5. Only Hummingbird can fly backwards
Love hovering? Then you are sure to love the hummingbird!!! Hummingbird has the ability to rotate its wings in a circle to not only fly backwards but also sideways, upside down and in totality to hover anywhere.

  humming bee moth 2

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