5 Reasons To Eat Bananas

By on September 10, 2013

Bananas are important for many different things. For example, they can help if you have a hive or a wart, and they are great for shining your shoes (really – try rubbing the inside skin of a banana on any of these things). But there are other, more important, reasons to eat bananas. Here are the top 5.


1. Bananas give you a natural energy boost

Bananas 1

Bananas are packed with natural goodness, including energy producing sugars and carbohydrates. In fact, there are five times as much carbohydrates in a banana than there is in an apple. This results in a big energy boost, so much so that eating two bananas can give you enough energy to do a 30 minute workout.


2. Bananas help boost mood and productivity

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Bananas are full of natural sugars, which help your body to keep its blood sugar at normal levels. As a result, mood swings are reduced and you will feel a natural boost. This can help people with depression and women suffering from PMS. It also helps to keep you productive as your thoughts will be sharper.


3. Bananas help with the plumbing

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Bananas are high in fiber which helps with your digestive system. They also contain antioxidants which can help to flush away the harmful stuff in your body. Finally, they counteract the effects of calcium loss when you urinate, which promotes strong bones.


4. Bananas help prevent disease

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Bananas can help to prevent a number of different diseases, including kidney cancer. They can also reduce the effect of anemia because of their high iron content. There is also a lot of potassium in a banana which promotes good circulation, and good circulation lowers blood pressure and reduces the risk of having a stroke.


5. Bananas are delicious

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Bananas are incredibly good for you. In fact, many people regard them as a super food. They also taste great too. They are good on their own or as an ingredient in cooking. They are excellent at breakfast (over cereal or on toast) and make an excellent and healthy snack between meals.

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