5 Most Loved Indian Meals

By on May 31, 2013

Indian food has to be one of the most loved cuisines all over the World and with the aromatic flavours; it’s easy to understand why. It seems we don’t enjoy anything more than a curry on at the weekend in front of the television. Of course, we all have our favourite curry, however, we have comprised a list of the most loved Indian cuisines today.


1. Chicken Tikka Masala

No other curry could take the top spot and it has been joked that the much loved curry should be labelled as Britain’s best loved dish, overtaking the national fish and chips. Chicken tikka masala can be enjoyed by most as it only has a medium spice, making it tolerable. It is thought that chicken tikka masala didn’t actually derive from India and it is the pinnacle of ‘Anglo-Indian’ cuisine.


2. Chicken Korma

Also an extremely popular Indian dish, chicken korma is a lot milder than chicken tikka masala and has more of a creamy taste. Made predominately with peanuts and coconut, the meat used is usually chicken, however there are a few variations, with lamb being another popular option. While it isn’t a great option for those who are on a diet, the cream gives it a rich texture, further adding to the flavour.


3. Jalfrazi

This is one of the spiciest curries available and it involves frying up some meat and vegetables and adding them to a thick sauce predominately made up of spices, giving it some kick. In order to get over the spiciness of the curry, many people enjoy a side of natural yogurt, cucumber or chapatti in order to counteract the spiciness.


4. Biriyani

This dish has a few variations and the spiciness of the dish depends on the person cooking it. Biriyani is open to change and while it is usually cooked with vegetables, meat is also another option. This curry is popular due to it fitting personal tastes well and it can be made to fit the desires of the consumer.


5. Vindaloo

Of course, vindaloo had to make the list and it is probably one of the most notorious curries around. It is extremely spicy and it therefore isn’t for the faint hearted. The Portuguese did have some influence on the curry and did increase the spiciness of the curry.

Next time you visit your local Indian restaurant, we recommend you try one of these five curries, depending on the curries you like. We sure you won’t be disappointed.

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