5 knives to use in your kitchen

By on April 23, 2013

Although choosing your kitchen knives may seem like an easy task, with not much thought going into the process, this isn’t necessarily the case. For the inner domestic goddesses that is around somewhere, they are probably the most important tools located in the kitchen drawer. With certain types being beneficial for different reasons, here are the five quality knives perfect for all your cooking needs.

The Paring Knife

This is an essential part of any kitchen. The paring knife is perfect for any small job, including cutting vegetables. With its relatively small blade, between 2 1/2 to 4 inches, it is great for many tasks that require accuracy and precision. One of the more familiar uses of the paring knife is peeling fruit as the small handle allows for complete control. It is important to pick the right paring knife and although they may range in price, a quality knife will last for years, making it a worthwhile investment.



A Chef’s Knife
This is probably the type of knife we all have somewhere in our kitchen. It can be used for just about everything and although some people believe it is the only knife you need, this is arguable. Although it has got the skill of being multipurpose, it lacks the control you can get from a paring knife and isn’t as suitable for those jobs that require complete control. The best chef’s knives are lightweight and easy to handle, usually made out of non-stainless steel. The 8-inch blade will allow you to complete almost any job, from slicing vegetables to cutting meat and the rounded shape offers a sharper edge.



The Serrated Knife
Perfect for cutting bread, the serrated edge acts as a saw, giving the perfect cut. Their use is recommended for any food that is hard on the outside and soft on the inside, including tomatoes. The knife is perfect for the precise cut required when cutting bread as the teeth rip the exterior while the blade offers a smooth cut. As they are specialist knives they probably won’t be as commonly used as others, but are extremely handy and a worthwhile investment.



The Carving Knife
For anyone who celebrates Christmas with a hearty dinner, a carving knife is a must as the festivities just wouldn’t be the same. The long thin blade means it is will precisely slice your perfect cut of meat. Make sure your knife is sharp when it comes to the carving and make use of a carving fork if one is available. When it comes to choosing your carving knife, the blade should be longer than your other knifes and the blade should be straight as it allows for smooth cuts of meat.



A Boning Knife
This is a straightforward knife that essentially does what it says. The primary use of a boning knife is to cut away the flesh from any bones in a cut of meat. The medium blade allows for precision and control while the pointed tip makes it easier to cut away tough bits of meat. The perfect boning knife would be durable and strong and the curved blade will allow you manoeuvre the knife to get the perfect cut.


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