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By on June 4, 2013

There are humungous numbers of funny dialogues in the huge number of comedy movie we see. But there are certain dialogues and quotes which would get stuck in your head and crack you up every time you remember them. The best part about the funny movies is that the merriment and amusement continues forever and whenever you go back to them. Therefore, for your entertainment, we have compiled a few funny quotes from the endless list of humor.

1. I’m going to miss you monkey. I wish monkeys could Skype. Maybe one day: Alan (Hangover II)
Though Hangover II wasn’t as EPIC as the first part; Alan is always hard core hilarious. You won’t find this quote as comic when you read it as it would be when it comes out of Alan’s mouth. And yes, we’re sure you remember the monkey!!!!


2. There are rich teams and there are poor teams, then there’s fifty feet of crap and then there’s us: Billy (Moneyball)
Although not a movie in comedy genre, Moneyball still had this amusing dialogue which is quoted by Brad Pitt as Billy. In the movie, Billy Beane who is the coach of Oakland Athletics says it to describe his team.


3. Instead of the mahi mahi, may I just get the one mahi because I’m not that hungry: Shelley (The House Bunny)
Anna Faris was absolutely amusing in the role of Shelley in the movie house bunny. Shelly is a playboy bunny who is thrown out of her mansion and has nowhere to go but with the sorority girls. Although it’s a chick flick but some of the dumbness portrayed is downright comical.


4. Can you please spell “Gabbana”: Andy (The Devil wears Prada)
Another chick- flick which was a rage when it released but bought Anne Hathaway in lime light. Anne plays the role of Andy or Andrea who has just grabbed a new job at New York’s biggest fashion magazine but is clueless about fashion. Hence, whilst talking her first call she asks the person on the other line to spell “Gabbana” and the person hangs up!!!


5. Marriage is like a tense, unfunny version of Everybody loves Raymond, only it doesn’t last 22 minutes. It lasts forever: Pete (Knocked Up)
Knocked Up movie gave a hiatus to the role of Pete and Debbie which earned them a sequel. The character of Pete is funny and has the capability to crack impromptu jokes on marriage. So, this one goes out to all the married people out there. They sure know what it means!!!!



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