5 Fashion must haves for kids

By on April 4, 2013

In more ways than one, kids want to be in with the crowd. They may not come out and say it but they also need to feel fashionably dressed. What you get them will largely depend on the season. In spite of this, there are some fashion must haves for your kids that you ought to consider no matter the season.

1. Floral dresses for the girls
Floral dresses look best in spring and summer. Get a few cotton ones for your little girls and they are bound to fall in love with them and with you all over again.



2. Cargo pants for your little boys
These may be trousers or shorts but no matter what you get, your kid(s) will love them. The good thing is that cargo shorts are cool and super comfortable in the summer and spring.

Lined ripstop cargo pants - cargo khaki


3. Cute cardigans for your girls
Nothing goes better with floral print dresses than a cute cardigan. Get a few in bright colors like pink and white for the summer and spring. Just make sure that your girls do not wear the cardigans when it is too hot.



4. Hoodies
This is a tried and tested fashion item. Both boys and girls love them and they are the perfect addition to their wardrobes. The good thing is that hoodies go with almost anything they wear. You have the choice of the zip up hoodies or the pullover hoodies. If your kids often lose things, be sure to get them the zip up hoodies so that they do not remove them completely unless at home.



5. Different types of hats
To close off the list is a fashion item that does not have a season. Kids can wear hats at any time. They are a good addition to whatever they decide to wear, whether formal or casual. Straw hats are also a very good accessory in the summer when it is very hot.


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