5 Bizarre U.S. Government Secrets

By on October 22, 2013

You must have seen how Sector 7 was one of the secrets of U.S. governments depicted in the movie The Transformers. Now doesn’t it make you ponder upon the fact that where do these filmmakers get such ideas from. Either it’s their weird imagination or definitely inspired from the truth. In this case, it definitely the latter because the US government is conspicuously famous for its well kept secrets! Remember Obama’s secret mission to kill Osama. Yes, we are talking about how US government is so good at keeping hush-hush! So check out our list to know some of the most bizarre secrets of the government of Uncle Sam!

1. Area 51
Like we mentioned the virtual sector 7 of The Transformers, it is believed that there is an Area 51 of the U.S. Government. This secretive military base is supposedly based 75 miles in the northwest direction of Las Vegas, Nevada. It is famously rumored to be a base for conducting alien or extra-terrestrial experiments; however ex-veterans claim that it’s just a testing ground for spy pilots.


2. UFO’s during Churchill’s time
The files consisting UFO sightings during the time of Churchill do not exist anymore. It is believed that during WWII Churchill kept secret the stumble of a RAF aircraft with a strange flying object.


3. Mind Control Experiments of CIA
If you’ve watched The Manchurian Candidate and The Men who stare at Goats, you know what we are talking about. During Cold War, The infamous CIA secretively conducted illegal scientific research on human subjects for their project MK-ULTRA meant to control minds.


4. Julia Child was not just a great cook
This popular French Chef prior to being acclaimed as Julia Child was Julia McWilliams with extra ordinary intelligence worked with the Strategic Services of the CIA to develop Shark repellents for underwater explosives.


5. The U.S. v/s John Lennon
If you’ve seen this documentary, you will know how the FBI kept a close eye on the rebellious John Lennon. With termination of his visa and deportation proceedings for the 1972 Republican National Convention, began a close trail to Lennon’s life.



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